New Casino SitesHow do the best new casino sites make a name for themselves in a market full of online gambling venues? This is a question which many ask themselves, and we, the reviewers would do our utmost best in order to answer it. From introducing brand new technology to releasing outstanding rewards, newly emerging online casinos never fail to impress. Sometimes the conditions are so great, seasoned and beginner players switch right away from their old-time favorites.

New Casino Sites Stand Out With Technological Innovation

When a new online casino comes out, it needs to stand out with something that will give it an edge against the competition. For example, while the most popular slots looked quite simple in design back in the day today’s slot games feature a plethora of 3D elements that make every reel “come to life”. The same factor applies to virtual table games as well; the animation graphic and audio quality of games have been significantly upgraded. Today, you can see the most visually appealing examples in gambling establishments such as 888Casino, Sloto-Cash, Bet365, Mansion, Miami-Club, and Uptown-Aces. Read on, to learn more about the newest technological advancements in the online casino business.

Recommended Casino Sites

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Mobile Gaming

Probably one of the first serious technological advancements in the casino scene, mobile gaming provides people with incredible comfort. The mission of every different casino here is to deliver a gambling experience equal or better to the one offered already, and today software developers go in a neck-and-neck race, in order to release the next big thing for your Android or iOS smartphone. Although the mobile gambling trend isn’t that much new anymore, constant updates and re-designs make sure that it is still fresh.

Virtual Reality

Better-looking games are just one side of the coin. NetEnt, a popular casino software developer has announced in 2017.02.07. that they are developing a casino game that will be playable via VR (virtual reality). What the VR headset actually does, is immerse a player within a virtually programmed world; in this case, a virtual land-based casino. Microgaming, another leading casino platform developer has also started developing their own VR niche.

Wearable Device Compatibility

With smartwatches becoming one of the most desired technological gadgets in the past few years, online casino companies have entered the race for developing gambling games that will play and look good on your wrist. Naturally, all the mobile casino applications designed for “wearable” technology have to be optimized for the size and hardware for the smartwatch itself, which basically means “as less as possible”. Although slots seem quite fun to play, only a few online casinos offer smartwatch compatibility for now.

Bonuses Offered by New Online Casino Sites Are Very Enticing

Beginner and seasoned players alike are always looking for a more lucrative condition when it comes to taking a benefit from a bonus. New online casino sites understand that people want a bigger bonus with minimum wagering requirements, and this is why they release such promotions. Bear in mind, that even the smallest bonus will have some kind of a condition attached to it so it would be best to find out more about it before you take advantage. Here are some of the nicest bonuses offered by new online casino sites these days.

The No-Deposit Bonus

For quite a long time, players would be required to deposit a specific minimum amount of money, in order to claim any type of bonus. Today, some gambling venues offer the so-called “no-deposit” bonus, which you won’t be obliged to receive if you don’t want to. It varies usually from $4 – $11, and wagering requirements may apply unless the casino rules state otherwise. While mostly minor and almost insignificant, no-deposit bonuses give an equal chance to all players to experience a real money game without having to worry about their own bankroll.

Free Spin Bonuses

Giving a player free spins has been an additional way to incite the player even further. Free spins are very appreciated by both beginner and seasoned players, as they provide them with the ability to play their favorite sots longer. While a few years back getting 5 or 10 free spins was a big deal, today new online casino sites offer up to 100 free spins. Naturally, any winnings from those free spins are converted into a money bonus with its own wagering requirements.

The Deposit Bonus

By now, receiving a bonus offer for your first or follow-up deposit has become standard among many casinos. Usually, the standard percentage for deposits were from 100% to 250% depending on the gambling venue, but with the introduction of new online casino names on the market, those have changed as well. Today you can find places that can offer up to 500% on a deposit bonus!

Additional Gaming Platforms are Often Presented by Brand New Casino Sites

Almost every newly established online casino has a specific game profile. For example, some online casino would exclusively offer slots while others lean more to the card type gaming. On occasion, there are many online casino brands which are a part of companies that offer a wide range of sports betting platforms. Horse and dog racing, football, hockey, bingo, even competitive computer gaming are often present in sports-betting sectors affiliated with a particular casino name. The unique factor about multi-platform casinos is that you can use the same account to play in all gaming sectors. Below, we take a few glimpses at additional gaming platforms commonly affiliated with the most popular online casino brands.
People that prefer to bet on sports are usually fans of a particular sport. They spend significant time and effort in researching different players. Their strategies, their physical and mental specifications, and even their health status as to determine if they would example top peak performance during play. After all the statistics are in place, the player formulates his bets carefully and stakes on an outcome, result, or any other factor that is presented as viable by the sports betting platform.
The first time a competition was held in video gaming, was in 1972 at Stanford University. Today, some of the most popular competitive computer games provide outstanding gambling opportunities to players worldwide. Just like in regular physical sports, research is done on players, teams and their strategies in order to make sure that a bet is placed properly. A vital difference here is that in many games a player has a variety of “items” or “tools” in-game, which can affect their overall game and develop their strategy in a specific way – E-sports betting is definitely made for the fans!
Although everything could be considered an “event”, this type of gambling revolves around the outcome of a situation which may or may not be connected to a game. For example, some of the newest online gambling establishments would present platforms where a player can bet on the outcome of a political election, the number of punches a boxer would make in a match, or any other public activity with a set condition.

Currency Support

In the past, almost all online casinos operated on the most stable and popular currencies around the world. Depending on the location of the casino itself, the US Dollar, British Pound, and later on in time Euro, were the only three currencies players could operate in. This provided some difficulty to players who signed in from countries outside of the popular currency regions, as they would lose quite a bit of money, when exchanging their native currencies for the ones accepted in an online casino. Today, more and more online gambling venues begin to introduce a lot more options than before.

The New Casino Sites of 2017 Want You To Do Better

It isn’t untrue that in the past, some of the casino’s edge could be attributed to the ignorance of the player; however, today things are different. The most successful new casinos online are teeming with additional information and strategy guides on how to play all types of games, but that’s not all. In addition to rules and tips, the new casino sites of 2017 have a variety of information sections that help any potential players gain a sense of self-control when it comes to playing in all type of betting games. The most notable online casinos want people to be able to limit their budgets, analyze their own betting habits, take breaks between games, and recognize any potential problems in time.

The Competition for Player Appreciation Is Tight – A Word of Caution

While online casinos are constantly trying to rise one above the other in offering outstanding games, deals, and bonuses, players need to remember that it is all a calculated risk by the establishment itself. If you see a bonus you’re attracted to, make sure that you read the “fine print” as you don’t want to find yourself with a full balance which you have to play through tenths of times in order to withdraw your winnings. No matter what the bonus is, look for stable wagering requirements and fair awards. The general rule of thumb is that if there is a large cosmic percentage to your small deposit, the conditions for withdrawal may be unreachable. Stay in control, and always calculate your decisions!