The thrill of trying to beat the odds has always been sought by both beginners and professionals and today the act of gambling continues to attract and inspire curiosity among the general public. Naturally, if you would like to take a crack at gambling you should be aware of a few facts prior to registering to any casino. On this page you will learn what makes up top casino sites, how they continue to attract more people at an increasing rate, and what you should look for if you decide to play casually or hone your skills for a professional game.

Bonuses and Rewards offered by The Best Casino Sites of 2024

Some people would consider registering at an online casino in order to benefit from the often lucrative bonuses they have to offer. Bonuses are a very important part of every online gambling venue, and if a casino doesn’t offer one, chances are that they won’t last long on the market. Here are some types of bonuses and rewards you might expect.

Welcome Bonus

While the initial bonus sum can vary with different casinos, it has become a common standard for a casino to offer a 100% to a 200% bonus on your first deposit. Some welcome bonuses can span over several deposits, as the sum that is provided is quite substantial. This being said, the percentage at which your deposit sum would be rewarded, can vary.

Top Casino Sites

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Regulation Review Visit Site*
888 Casino $888 $20 UKGC Read Review Open Account
Sloto Cash $1,000 $25 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Mansion $5,000 $20 UKGC, GGC Read Review Open Account
Miami Club $800 $35 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Uptown Aces $8,888 $25 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Cafe Casino $5,000 $20 Kahnawake Read Review Open Account
1xBet $1,500 $5 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Spin Palace $1,000 $10 MGA Read Review Open Account
Unibet $200 $10 MGA Read Review Open Account
Melbet $350 €10 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Grosvenor Casino $100 $20 UKGC Read Review Open Account
Cherry Jackpot $20 $35 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
JackpotCity $1,600 $10 MGA Read Review Open Account
Fair Go Casino $1,000 $10 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
CasinoMax $9,000 $35 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
Diamond Reels Casino $5,000 $20 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
22Bet $300 $1 Curaçao Read Review Open Account
NetBet $150 $10 MGA Read Review Not Approved
1xSlots $1,500 $20 Curaçao Read Review Not Approved
Bovada $3000 $20 N/A Read Review Not Approved
Joe Fortune $150 $20 Curaçao Read Review Not Approved
Bodog $600 $20 Antigua and Barbuda Read Review Not Approved
Ignition Casino $2,000 $20 Kahnawake Read Review Not Approved
Betway $1,000 $10 UKGC Read Review Not Approved
Bet365 N/A $10 UKGC, GGA Read Review Not Approved

* T&Cs apply; Click “Open Account” for more information

Continued Deposit Bonus

Some casinos offer the so-called “daily bonus”. While the welcome bonus is the one that is supposed to give you the most significant push, the daily bonuses are there to help you keep going. Naturally, the casino changes the percentage at which these bonuses affect any deposit you make, but they can range from 25% to 75%. Most commonly, if a casino is in a period for releasing a lot of promotions, they would increase their bonus percentages.

Comp System

different casino games
The most common reward system introduced by successful casinos, is the complimentary point system which can also be called the loyalty program. Although in every casino it has different names, the nature of this incentive is to provide players who bet every time with special “points” which can be accumulated and later on exchanged in-game for actual currency or prizes. The number of those points would signify the progression of a players account, and will grant them a specific status which would make them eligible for better rewards.

Games offered by The Top Online Casino Sites

A very important part that distinguishes the top online casino sites, is the roster of games they offer. In most cases, an online casino would offer all games that a land-based one would, but of course there are some exceptions. Nevertheless, here are the games you would expect to find in an online casino.


There is a reason we start with slots; statistics show that 75% of players that log into an online casino go right for them. They are entertaining, require no prior knowledge to play, and come in an outstanding visual variety. All slot games are united by several common denominators, but differ in the rules by which the player wins. For example, classic slots are the ones that have fruits, bells, and bars on them; just like the others, they can have from 3 to 6 reels, and the bigger bet you place, the bigger the reward would be. The most popular slot types are described below:

  • Classic slots are known to feature a lot more paylines and combinations, and are considered to be one of the most entertaining types in an online casino.
  • Progressive slots are known to offer bigger jackpots because they are usually linked together in a network. The jackpot’s percentage is calculated based on the entire sum of money that has been played on this machine.
  • Bonus game slots provide additional incentive to players, by rewarding them with additional “free spins”. The payouts from these types of slots are based on the bet rate that generated a bonus.

Card Games

For quite a while card games are differentiated from all others as their popularity has given way to the birth of countless variants. The most notable card games in history are considered to be Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Poker specifically has been easily considered as the most popular gambling game in the world! What is unique in Poker, is that the players play against each other, rather than playing the house; but that’s not all. Out of all card games, Poker is probably the only game where you could slightly improve your chances if you take your time in researching and practicing playing strategies.

Table Games

Althouth all of the games in a casino can be considered “table games”, modern day standards have defined the association of the phrase with Roulette and dice games. As with all games in an online casino, there are numerous variants offered for each one. Roulette for example, has two main versions: European and American. Those have their own respective variants which can differ based on added or removed rules. Dice games such as Craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, are also considered to be popular table games, although the latter two are played mostly in Asia.

Mobile Games

It is important for an online establishment to be as accessible as possible, and this is why the best online casinos of 2018 also offer mobile gaming. In some cases, casinos commission a separate mobile application and/ or a mobile version of their website. The software developer companies responsible for a casino’s games, are usually the ones that create the mobile versions.

Live Games

In hopes of providing their players with the ultimate gambling experience, casinos often have a “live dealer section” where most of the games you can find in their roster can be played in a real-time environment. The casino either hire a live dealer studio or set up one of their own in a physical premises. Players would view everything through live stream on their monitors and place their bets on a special interactive area that overlaps the original footage.

The Legal Nature of the Best Casino Sites

There are many requirements that must be met before a player starts to trust an online gambling establishment. Below, we take a vital look at the elements that comprise the most established online casinos today. It is always good to know what to expect, and in terms of online gambling it is always good to be prepared.


888casino, Sloto-Cash, Bet365, Mansion, Miami-club, Uptown-Aces are counted among the best casino sites online. Every single one of them possesses a legitimate company license issued by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and various other credentials. If you would like to spend some time in an online casino of your choice, look for a page that lists their permissions, licenses, and certificates. The most popular and reputable institutions that issue and grant such licenses are considered to be the UK Gambling Commission, the GC of Gibraltar, and the Maltese government.

Regular Auditing

All online games undergo a mandatory audit in order to ensure that the each software’s random number generation algorithm ensures complete fairness to both the house and the player. The companies tasked with performing those checks also need to be reputable in their own way, in order to provide truthful results. Bear in mind that not all licensing authorities are as trustworthy as they might sounds. Every online casino has their own policy in regards to wagers, deposits and fund withdrawal. Everyone who is looking forward to gambling, needs to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the information depicted there.

Transparency Features

A good tell for a reputable casino is their “terms and conditions” section. Every online establishment should have an extensive information portal that offers a complete set of information in regards to everything that happens on the website. The more an online casino is open about its policies, the better the trust factor.


One of the most important priorities for a casino is to safeguard its players personal data. The best casinos use SSL and 128-bit encryption in order to make sure that their customers’ data are in safe hands whether they are currently playing or not.   

Wagering Requirements

Wagering RequirementsEvery online casino these days has a rule called wagering requirements. What this is, is basically a rule in online casinos in regards to how and when bonuses and winnings will be released into your account. Every reputable online casino has a page which depicts the rate of the wagering requirements. For example, if you’ve deposited €20 and you’re looking at an additional €20 bonus. The casino’s wagering requirements are x20, which means that you have to wager 20 times the amount of money you’ve deposited in order for the system to add those bonus €20 to your account. Which is comes down to €400. Do you want to cash out already? Bear in mind that you will have to stake your money based on the wagering requirements enough times before your account status would allow fund release. It does sound a bit like a downside, sure, but it is the only way for the online casinos to protect their interests.
In the very early days of the online gambling business, many cheaters took advantage of a loosely based bonus system, and this is why the wagering requirements were established. Bear in mind, that wagering requirements can affect the deposit amount, the bonus amount or both. Also, not every bet or game will have an effect on a wagering requirement – this is why the best way is to check the terms and conditions in the casino you wish to play in. Respected casinos offer an option to “opt out” of any bonus, so they won’t oblige you to play through any wagering requirements at all. This is another option preferred by players, as they don’t have to wager the initial sum of money several times in order to cash out when they want to; however, some casinos do have terms and conditions even for that.  

Trusted Casino Sites Offer A Variety of Payout Methods

All trusted casino sites provide their players with multiple options when it comes to payouts. The more options you have, the better; however, a downside to almost all methods is the waiting time. Due to the sensitive nature of funds being transferred on or offline, withdrawal requests need time to be verified prior to any money being sent to their owners. Here are the most common ways you can collect your winnings:

  • Wire transfer. By far one of the slowest methods, if you wish to collect any winnings, arm yourself with patience. It can take up to 10 days before you see any money in your bank account. In some cases, fees for such a transfer can take up to $60, so it is best if you can choose a method which wil be more beneficial for you.
  • Check by mail. Also one of the slowest methods out there, receiving a cash check to your mailbox can take as well around 10 days. Just as the wire transfer, sending a check over the mail can also cost you a significant amount of money. Rates for this payout service are known to reach up to $30.
  • E-Banks. Today, this is the fastest way to receive any winnings from the casino. Just like all other methods, a withdrawal request may be processed for up to 3 days, but the money will travel a lot faster to you. E-banking companies like Skrill, Neteller, and Payoneer would process your payment in about 2-3 days, so you will have complete access to your cash in a total of 5 to 6 days.

Common Tips to Play at Online Casinos

A lot of people have said that “gambling is a marathon, not a sprint”. This would imply preparation, but even the most prepared players can fall victim to a bad streak. In gambling nothing is certain, so you should remember that by heart. Online casinos that take pride in their reputation always want to make sure that their players are informed as much as possible in the games they are about to play. Below, we have compiled a list of tips most often provided by casinos:

  • Research a game you’re interested in, prior to playing it. Improvising in the spur of the moment might seem like a good idea and it may work for a few rounds of any game, but then you’re bound to lose your money. Prior knowledge about what you’re getting yourself into, will help you control your decisions better.
  • Be disciplined at all times! One of the most common mistakes players make, is to fall victim to a series of wins. You will start betting big, and after a few losses you will make your last big bet in hopes of returning some of that money… and you will lose again. Straying away from a strategy that works well for you, is probably the most dangerous thing you can do. Keep your bets low and consistent – at least until you amass enough funds to move to a higher level of betting.
  • Make sure you understand what “House Edge” means. All games that are featured there will make a lucky few happy, and a whole lot of other players sad. Casino’s aren’t charity cases, so don’t expect any do-overs if you happen to lose the last of your cash. The house edge is basically the rate at which casinos make a profit – the larger the percentage, the less chance you have to win.
  • Expect to lose! It is how you handle your losing streak that will determine if you get back up or continue falling down. There is nothing wrong with hoping to win, but if that is all you do, then expect to be disappointed in the end.
  • If you’ve made a profit, walk away. Another popular phrase is “quitting while ahead”. Lucky streaks are notoriously for having a short lifespan, so if you’ve made some profit, just take your chips and call it a day.
  • Don’t go beyond your budget! If you’ve lost the money you’ve separated for a game, don’t try to tap into your bank reserve in order to get it back. This is one of the most common stories of misfortune that have befallen many gamblers.

Last Words of Advice

There is no scientific proof that “luck” even exists as a factor, but people often say: “ The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Well, in the case of online casinos, every statement can be relative and no matter how much you know, you can still land on a bad streak or who knows, luck might be on your side. Whether you wish to try and make a few extra bucks or play recreationally, remember that in life and in gambling nothing is certain.