Mobile Casino SitesBy 2015, smartphone users have become more than 2 billion. With more than 80% of people using Internet from their mobile devices, it is only natural for the best mobile casino sites to become even more famous among the general public. The level of comfort that mobile gambling presents to its players is unprecedented to any other platform, and this is why online casinos today continue to expand on that front. Easy and secure for both casual and expert gamblers, mobile gambling is here to stay.

Mobile Casino Sites are More than Convenient

The fact that it is much more convenient to play online through your phone is an undisputed fact. As reviewing experts, it is our duty to discover and analyze every aspect of the most popular mobile casino sites, in order to determine which ones provide the best user experience. After going through a variety of online establishments, we have concluded that some of the most comfortable sites that offer a streamlined mobile gambling experience are 888casino, sloto-cash, bet-365, Mansion, Miami-club, and Uptown aces.

The Software That Powers it All

Game developers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming have all started to develop their own mobile versions of popular gambling games. It is very important to mention that making a mobile device version for any casino game is not an easy task, and in some cases developers have to build everything from the ground up, depending on the idea behind the particular mobile gaming experience.

Recommended Casino Sites

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Types of Mobile Gaming

As mentioned before, every casino has their own preferred way to provide their players with the mobile experience. In some cases, the variants could be independent of one another or could be a combination of both. Below, we have explained briefly how many types of mobile gaming there are; every one of them has their own pro’s and con’s, so make sure you acquaint with them properly before making a choice.

In-App Gaming

In this case, players would be required to visit an application library in order to download a program for their phone. The most common places to download these apps are the Playstore for Android and the iTunes for Apple devices. Once installed, the program itself will example an interface similar to the browser-based version of the casino. The most common requirements for app gaming, is that your phone is powerful enough to support the platform and have sufficient free space in its memory. Most gambling apps are linked to your online account, so any operation you perform on your device will be basically as if you made it on your computer. A drawback with apps is that they usually feature only some of the casino’s full roster of games or are completely geared only to a single category (for example, slots).

In-Browser Gaming

While some applications might require some serious processing power from your mobile device, in-browser means that you get to play in the online casino of your choice, trough the mobile version of the website. The positive aspect here is that your smartphone will not be burdened by the installation and processing of any software. Although this might sound great for Android users, it won’t be necessarily true for Apple phones, since they are known not to be able to run flash. In-browser gaming is considered to be a favorite as it provides the same functionality as a computer platform.

Games Provided by Top Mobile Casino Sites That Look The Best On Your Phone

While you can have the ability to access the entire game roster of your online casino or you’re playing through an application, the dimension of your phone will certainly make some games appear better than others. Because of this, most native applications released by online casinos feature those games which appear more visually appealing. Although some games look better than others, doesn’t mean that they won’t be featured in the mobile version of the casino.


Slots have always been appealing with their various visual designs, and the ones that come in your mobile casino app do not fall behind. As one of the most preferred types of mobile games, slots continue to dominate the favorites list of any online casino. Whether the slots have 3 or 6 reels, you can be sure that they will all look incredible.

Scratch Cards

An alternative to the physical versions of the game, scratch cards are a hit among mobile users, mainly because most of them are roughly the same dimension as a phone. In fact, but the virtual version isn’t that much different from the physical one; even down right to the “coin” detail. The functions here will be pretty basic, and a learning curve is practically non-existent.

Texas Hold’em and Blackjack

The mobile versions of card games have been the topic of much debate over the last ten years. While it is true that some card games might prove to look too crowded on the screen of your phone, others have become the standard classics for mobile device users. Texas Hold’em has become an all-time favorite of mobile Poker players around the world, with Blackjack following closely behind.

Live Games are Also Available For Mobile Devices

Software developers are understanding the power of mobile gaming and this is why they are developing live dealer games even for your portable device. The thing about live games on your phone is that it has a bit of learning curve – different game stages will change your screen from your betting field to the dealer, then back. In some cases if the betting field is much bigger than your phone screen, a single tap will zoom into a preferred section and another tap will place the bet. If you do wish to experience a live dealer casino game, make sure you are properly acquainted with the controls.

The Top Mobile Casino Sites Offer Bonuses and More

Depending on the type of in-app gaming, the bonuses you receive will be linked to your regular casino account. A major benefit here is that your device can be set to provide you with a lot of notifications in regards to upcoming deals and promotions. Not to mention, that a “free spins” bonus is always a recurring one, so you can definitely benefit more. Bear in mind that notifications via SMS might cost you additional fees, so make sure that you are aware of any potential charges.

One of Most Secure Ways to Gamble

With the introduction of mobile financial processing to the world, one of the first primary concerns of society was this: how secure is it? Over the last fifteen years, significant security protocol developments have allowed for mobile payments to become some of the most secure financial transfer methods used today. Due to the popularity of the smartphone as a device, more companies are starting to incorporate mobile payments as an option in their businesses and online casino’s make no exception; in fact, it has become a worldwide standard. Because of the increasingly high demand for stable virtual payment options, governing bodies and private businesses continue to invest in the research and development of mobile-tech security. When people play any online casino via their phone, they know that every financial operation they perform will be precise and secure. Safety comes not only in terms of making a deposit or withdrawing money, but also playing the game itself.

What Makes the Best Mobile Casino Apps Stand Out?

As a universal principle, all applications offered in the Play Store and iTunes must be simple in design. With the rise of the iPhone on the market over the last decade, companies have begun an unprecedented race to design and create their applications with the most simple interface and ultimate user-friendly experience. The best mobile casino apps are determined not only by the simplicity of their looks, but by their ease of navigation. Here are a few more details that make some apps stand on top of all others:

  • operating system compatibility; an app should be adaptable to all device
  • simple accessibility; it won’t ask you a ton of questions in order to sign in
  • optimal performance; doesn’t slow down your device with useless processes
  • covers user experience expectations; every user has a set of basic demands that are met (simple interface, proper color themes, properly responsive elements, etc.)

Payment in Mobile Apps

One of the biggest concerns of casino mobile app users, is to perform safe and secure deposits, as well as withdrawal requests for any winning payouts. Just as the browser and computer versions offer full functionality, the mobile applications must cover all user demands – and they mostly do. We say this because while most mobile applications link to your personal online casino account, others might require a transfer of funds from your browser-based balance to your application-featured one. Making deposits for your account can be as easy as tapping on your screen; once you’ve linked a payment account to your mobile device, you can use your profile do distribute funds effortlessly.

The Future of Gambling Is Now

When the smartphone became popular, it started to change mobile gaming standards everywhere. One very important fact is quite apparent – even high rollers are starting to prefer the comfort of mobile gambling as it is not only convenient, but time-saving as well. Although there might be bet limitations in some cases, this won’t outweigh the fact that mobile gambling will continue to become even more successful in the future.